Earlier this year we highlighted some of the activities we were planning for 2013, one of the most important of which was celebrating the miracle that is our meat and poultry industry today. This week we released the newest piece as part of that project, a new brochure titled “The Amazing Meat & Poultry Supply.” The brochure covers a variety of benefits of meat and poultry including nutrition, affordability, choices and the industry’s role in the U.S. economy as well as the improvements made in the industry in areas such as food safety, animal welfare and sustainability. Some of the data is based on government figures, other information is straight from surveys we did with our members on several topics including animal welfare, food safety and sustainability.

Consider some of these facts

  • The meat & poultry industry contributes $894 billion to the US economy, creating 5.9 million jobs.
  • There are at least 21,000 SKUs in the retail meat & poultry case. You could spend your entire life trying all the options.
  • U.S. consumers spend less of our disposable income on meat than any other nation, half of what we spent in 1950.
  • Research shows that protein offers weight loss benefits through higher satiety, making people less inclined to snack.
  • Americans eat approx. 285 billion servings of meat & poultry/yr and 99.99% are consumed safely.
  • 95% of the beef, pork & lamb in US is produced according to Temple Grandin animal handing guidelines & audit program.
  • 95% of Americans make meat & poultry part of their diet. 60% who claim to be vegetarians say they ate meat the day before.
  • According to @EPA just 3% of greenhouse gas emissions are from livestock. Today we produce more meat w/less food, water & land.

This is just some of the information you’ll find in the brochure. Our industry has a great story to tell and we want to help share the good news far and wide. As an accompaniment to the brochure, we are also working on a video featuring industry leaders sharing various facts and information about our meat and poultry supply today. Additionally we’ve recently put out materials with details on processed meats and a guide to sausage varieties, culture and cooking. We hope you’ll join us in this effort to tell the positive story of today’s meat and poultry industry. We think you’ll agree that it’s amazing.


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