By: Eric Mittenthal

A couple of weeks ago we looked back at some of the highlights from 2012 here on our blog and mentioned that we believe the meat industry has so much good news to tell that we’ll be making it a priority at AMI in the coming year. Now that the new year is underway, we want to elaborate a little more on what that means.

A Day for All Meats

Did you know that January is National Meat Month? Though it has been mostly dormant for several years, it is a month celebration started by AMI 20 years ago to promote lean meat. We want to embrace more days and months like this as another reason to get out and enjoy meat. January 14th is National Hot Pastrami Day. How much do you know about the pastrami? What better day to learn how pastrami is made and enjoy a pastrami sandwich? We’ll be highlighting interesting tidbits about meat throughout the year whether tied to a day or an event or just something good we ate.

Embracing the Culture of Meat

Beyond highlighting meat days, we want to embrace and honor the amazing culture of meat in America. Meat isn’t just a piece of food on our dinner plates. It is a beloved part of our culture that gives rise to things like BBQ joints or TV shows entirely about bacon or Meat America, which highlights meat as art. Americans have a strong love affair with meat and we think that should be celebrated. Within our social networks is a growing social meatwork. We are going to tap into that and hope to be the go to place for meat lovers around the country.

Modern Meat Miracle

Of course at AMI we’ll still be focused on industry issues as well, though we will strive to do more to tell the story of the modern miracle that is today’s meat industry. We have seen significant strides in the industry from food safety to animal welfare all while maintaining meat as an affordable option for consumers. Much like the meat culture we live in, the industry has a great story to tell and in 2013 we want to make sure to spread the word.

You can follow the good news here and on our Facebook and twitter pages. We’ll be creating some new social media outlets during the year as well.

How are you celebrating meat in 2013?


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