By: Eric Mittenthal

Communication at the American Meat Institute has taken a lot of forms over the years. From newsletters to stories posted on our website to press releases to facebook and twitter, our goal has been to tell the story of the meat industry from an insider’s perspective. Through all of these channels, we have highlighted success stories such as the reduction of foodborne bacteria through HACCP programs, explained new regulations and responded when misinformation spreads. As the industry evolves to meet the demands of a growing world, we are evolving our communications to keep up with the changing social media environment. In addition to our Facebook pages for the AMI Expo, AMI Foundation, National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, and Meat Mythcrushers we have recently debuted a new American Meat Institute specific Facebook page that will highlight industry news. We are also debuting this blog to use as another window into the meat industry.

You will hopefully see a lot of things on this blog in the coming months and beyond. When a significant regulation is passed impacting the meat industry, we’ll post our thoughts on it. When a media report gets the facts wrong, we’ll make sure the correct information is posted here, and of course, when there’s good news to share, you can find it here as well.

We also want to hear from you since a blog is only successful if it provides information of value to its audience. Is there a topic we should post on? Agree or disagree with a particular perspective? Leave a comment. Hopefully this blog will be an interactive place that elicits open discussion on issues of importance to the meat industry and its stakeholders. We look forward to the dialogue and hope you click over to visit us regularly!



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